New office update, COVID-19 update, virtual visits

Several new updates today. We opened our Children’s Hospital location this week. We are seeing only well visits and yearly physicals there to prevent spread of illness. We are using our Avista campus to see all sick patients. The patients that have not had fever, cough or congestion we are seeing inside the office in regular exam rooms. Any patient with fever, cough, congestion or exposure to illness we are seeing outside in their cars wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Our hours have been limited but we will see any patient that needs to be seen. We are working on options for visits that are safe and convenient for families. Virtual visits will be available. We are using V2MD by Medisprout and you can sign up for an account at the link below. We are slowly implementing this technology so please call the office to request an appointment. We will help you decide whether an in person or virtual appointment would be appropriate.

Here is the link to sign up for an account