Covid-19 vaccines for 5-11 year olds

Covid-19 vaccines should be approved for use in 5-11 year olds next week. We feel this will be a big help to keep kids in school and extended families together, especially with the holidays approaching. Vaccination is helping end the Covid-19 pandemic. Vaccination will reduce the amount of quarantine from Covid-19, which will keep them in school and learning.

While children are not as severely effected by Covid-19 as adults, they can certainly benefit from immunity to the virus. Some families are worried about side effects from the vaccine. Side effects are possible with any medication or vaccine. Children (and adults) are much less likely to have side effects from the vaccine than from Covid-19 illness. Some of the side effects from the vaccine are also common issues with the illness, but are much less frequent with vaccine versus infection. Side effects from the vaccine tend to last less time than effects from illness.

While we believe vaccination can help kids, we are unable to offer it in our office at this time. We are offering Flu vaccine appointments in addition to normal clinic hours. Winter illness season is stressing our staffing capacity to see patients. With all the extra tasks we are unable to provide staffing for Covid-19 vaccine clinics. Once staffing allows we will work on providing Covid-19 vaccines to our families. Sorry for the inconvenience and we always appreciate your confidence and trust.

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