Portal updates- now with messaging

To provide better service, we have updated the settings on the portal.  We can now accept non-urgent messages and medication refill requests.  When you log onto the portal there will be new tabs to select.  The request tab will allow you to request forms, prescription refills of current medications or records.  The message tab will allow you to send a message to our staff.  This is for non-urgent questions that can be taken care of within 2 business days.  For urgent messages continue to call the office, we try to answer within 30 minutes or less.  Here is a link to the portal.

Spring Travel

As we come up on spring break, many are traveling to warm places to warm up from winter.  Mexico is a common destination as well as other parts of Central America.  It is important to understand health concerns while you  are away from home.  Large resorts are designed for high volume of travelers and only minimal precautions are needed.  If you are traveling outside of main tourist areas more care is needed regarding food and water supplies.  Diarrhea can be a frequent occurrence.  Younger children are more vulnerable to dehydration and hypoglycemia from gastrointestinal illness.  Packing electrolyte rehydration to replenish stores lost from illness can speed recovery and prevent need for further medical care.  The CDC has a website that answers a lot of questions regarding what illnesses you may encounter.  It also lists what vaccines you should have when traveling to a specific country.  Here is a link to the website.  If you have questions or need to update vaccines give us a call- 303-673-9030.

Winter 2017

We are certainly in the middle of cold and flu season.  We are seeing influenza, bronchiolitis, sore throats, fevers and the common cold.  If you have concerns about your child call the office for questions and appointments.  Please wash your hands, stay home when you or your child is ill and try to not spread the germs around.  Stay healthy.

Flu Clinic is Full

We have filled all the appointment slots for the flu clinic on October 22.  We don’t currently have any other clinics scheduled.  We will keep you updated with any new clinics scheduled here on this website.  Thanks for checking.

Flu Clinic



We are now scheduling flu shots. Currently, September 24 from 8-10:30 is the only date available.  We will schedule more as vaccine and staffing becomes available.  If you already have an appointment scheduled for a well visit, please ask for your flu vaccine at that time.  There will be no FluMist available this year.  The CDC has recommended not using it because it hasn’t been effective.

Here is the link to the portal to schedule your appointment.

Flu vaccine



Recently the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) made the recommendation that FluMist shouldn’t be used this year.  It hasn’t been as effective the past 2 flu seasons.  There were no bad effects or complications from using the vaccine.  Initially it seemed to be more effective especially in children.  The thought is that some formulation changes, maybe around incorporating H1N1 has changed the effectiveness.  We will not be providing FluMist vaccine this year because these recommendations.  We do hope to have flu vaccine available in September.  Please check back for updates on when we are scheduling flu clinics.  Here is a link to the CDC media release for more information.