Summer Physicals


School is almost out!  Summer vacations are starting!  Our weather is getting warmer.  We have the schedule out through August.  Time to think about scheduling your child’s physical.  The end of the summer fills up so please plan accordingly.  Enjoy the weather and wear your sun screen.

Recommended Sleep per Age


We get lots of questions about sleep.  Sleep is very important for development, health and behavior.  Not enough sleep will lead to health problems like more frequent illness and obesity.  Behavior problems like attention difficulties, concentration difficulties and mood disorders can be a result of poor sleep as well.  Here is the recommended amount of sleep by age.

Recommend amount of sleep by age

Infant (<1 year) – 11-18 hours including naps

1-3 years – 12-14 hours including naps

3-5 years – 11-13 hours including naps

6-12 years – 10-11 hours/night

13-18 years – 8.5-9.5 hours/night

Flu Clinic December 5







December 5 we are doing a FluMist for children older than 3 and shots for children less than 3 flu vaccine clinic.  We are still limited by nationwide shortage of flu vaccine this year.  We are expecting more FluMist soon.  We will schedule more flu vaccine clinics as we have vaccine available.  Please schedule an appointment through the portal (click here to schedule) or call the office to schedule.  We do not have any flu shots available for older than 3 years old available.  Thank you for your patience.


November 14th Flu Clinic


We have a flu clinic scheduled for Saturday, November 14th.  You should be able to schedule through the web portal link on the home page.  We will not have any FluMist available.  There is a nationwide shortage on FluMist.  We are hoping to have some in December for flu vaccine clinics then.  Please stay tuned for updates.

Flu vaccines

There is a shortage of flu vaccines this year.  We have only been receiving small shipments.  We have been receiving more of the infant vaccine and less FluMist and shot for older children.  We should receive the rest of our flu vaccine this month.  Please continue to check back for updates on vaccine status.  Sorry for the inconvenience.