Covid-19 vaccine has been given Emergency Use Authorization and has been recommended by the AAP, CDC, ACIP and FDA for kids 12 and older. Here are some resources, links and answers to common questions.

The Covid-19 vaccine has been approved/recommended for children down to the age of 12 by the CDC, FDA, ACIP and AAP. These are the agencies that approve and recommend all the vaccines we give. They have experts that review all the data and make recommendations.

Here is the page on, the American Academy of Pediatrics website for parents. This page has information regarding Covid-19 including vaccines, school, keeping safe, masks, infants and illness.

Here is the link for the information from the This has some great resources regarding Covid-19 vaccines, how to find sites, side effects and other information.

Here is a link to Children’s Hospital Colorado. They are a site for giving vaccines, you can sign up online. You can currently sign up now for ages 12 and up. They also have great resources about Covid-19 and local experts as well.

If your child is getting the vaccines and they use an epipen or rescue inhaler, you should bring the epipen or rescue inhaler to the shot appointment. Hopefully you won’t need it and the site where you get it should have supplies, but just another layer of added safety.

We are not currently offering the vaccine in the office yet. It has to be offered to us from the state of Colorado or county health department. We believe that pediatrician offices are the best place for children to get vaccines and are working to provide that for you. We will keep this site updated as information becomes available.

You should consider the Covid-19 vaccine if your children are in a high risk category for Covid-19. While children are relatively low risk for illness from Covid-19 some conditions that can make them more vulnerable include respiratory conditions, diabetes, chronic illness, developmental disabilities that make it hard for distancing and mask wearing.

Another consideration for vaccinating your child is your family. We can protect family that is higher risk by vaccinating the family around them this helps limit the exposure to those individuals.

Reduced quarantine is a benefit for vaccinating your child. If they are exposed at school or through sports they would be less likely to be quarantined. They could potentially have more in person school and be less likely to miss out on “the big game.”

There is no requirement for this vaccine for children yet. That could change in the future. Local, state and federal health departments are monitoring the situation and making recommendations as they have information. If we are able to decrease Covid-19 cases we can all get back to “normal.” Please continue to do your part; stay home when you are sick, don’t send your kids to school or daycare if they are sick, continue to wash your hands and wear your mask as required.