Cleaning and separating sick and well patients is normal for us, we have been doing that for years. We work hard to make sure you and your family stay healthy.

We are seeing well visits to keep your child on track for immunizations as well as growth and development. Well visits should come in to the waiting room and check in at the desk. The waiting room is for well visits only at this time.

If you are being seen for a visit other than a well visit the protocol changes. At our Children’s Hospital location we are seeing injuries and visits for illness. For those visits families should check in at the desk and then wait in the hallway and a nurse will move you to a room via the side entrance. Please respect other families and hospital staff’s distance. Please wear a mask and have your child wear a mask as possible. We are wearing full PPE for any visit with COVID-19 symptoms.

For our Avista location we will continue to use the text message on arrival system. When you arrive for your appointment please text 720-522-8033 and someone will call with instructions. Please wear a mask and have your child wear a mask as possible. We will meet you at the side door and move straight to a room. We are still wearing full PPE for any ill visits that have COVID-19 symptoms.

Thank you for understanding and patience as we all deal with this pandemic.