Who can get the vaccine?

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine has been given Emergency Use Authorization for use in children 5 years and older. Please speak with your child’s health care provider to discuss if the vaccine is a good choice for your family.

Is your office offering the Covid-19 vaccine?

Our office is unable to provide this vaccine due to a lack of staffing and lack of proper vaccine storage freezer capacity. However, there are many alternative places to get the vaccine in the community including Children’s Hospital Colorado, Walgreens, Costco, Safeway, Walmart, and other local pharmacies. Here is a link to search in your area- https://www.vaccines.gov.

What other resources/references are available to help me learn more about the vaccine?

American Academy of Pediatrics




Children’s Hospital Colorado

Do I need to bring my child’s Epipen or inhaler to a vaccine appointment?

If your child is getting the vaccines and they use an Epipen or rescue inhaler, you should bring the epipen or rescue inhaler to the shot appointment as just another added layer of safety, but allergic reactions to the vaccine are very rare.

What are considered high risk conditions for developing severe Covid-19 illness?

While children are thankfully at a relatively low risk for severe illness from Covid-19, we do advise the vaccine for children in a high-risk category due to conditions that may make them more vulnerable to bad outcomes related to the virus such as chronic lung, heart, kidney, or liver conditions, diabetes, obesity, cancer, a weakened immune system or developmental disabilities that make it hard for distancing and mask wearing.

Another consideration for vaccinating your child is your family. We can protect family members that are also higher risk based on health conditions by vaccinating those around them.

Is the vaccine required by the state?

There are no Colorado state requirements for children at this time. Local, state and federal health departments are monitoring the situation and making recommendations as they gain more information.